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Which Side are You On?

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glass-vs-iwatchWhere do you stand on the next great tech debate? Tablets and smart phones have been outselling desktops and laptops since 2010. Android tablets outsold iPads in Q4 2012. These are battles that are already decided in the marketplace.


I stumbled into the next great debate last week when a friend, Gary, asked my son Adam what he thought about the not-even-announced-but-possible-upcoming iWatch from Apple and how it might change the world. I was going to pipe up about how I thought Google Glass might be the next cell phone equivalent of personal technology - when Gary shot it down as the next Segway - cool, but it will never catch on.


With that the debate began - or it would have except Adam and I had to leave.


While corporations are debating whether to let employees use their own devices (BYOD) at work, small businesses and entrepreneurs have already voted since their personal device is almost always the same as their business device.


Wearable tech may be the next big thing.


If you don't know much about Google Glass, you can check it out with this video.  Think of Glass as a wearable smartphone where the image appears in the upper right corner of your vision.  It is touch and voice activated - say "OK Glass" and it will listen to your next command.  When it is released "later this year", it is expected to cost $1,500.  Glass has been getting great buzz at South-By-SouthWest (SxSW) and other trendy conferences of the forward looking.


Not everyone is enamored with Glass.  The 5 Point bar in Seattle has already banned this not-yet-existent device because Glass makes it too easy to violate other peoples' privacy with its embeded camera and ease of sharing with others.  The quoted source believes that people will feel it intolerably rude to have people looking towards you but not really looking "at" you.


iWatch fans are exceedingly enthusiastic as well--though, as with most Apple products, what there is to know is all speculative.  The nifty concept product image above comes from Gizmodo.  With Apple losing a little of its polish since it hasn't launched a market-changing product since the iPad came out in 2010, fanboys and business analysts alike are in heavy anticipation of this not-yet-a-product.


Google Glass may be the next Segway, a bit too expensive and without a defined benefit for the masses, but I enjoyed riding a Segway around Garden of the Gods in 2011 and have hopes for Glass.  I remember when the first HP DeskJet printers came out.  They didn't catch on until the price dropped from more than $1,000 to less than $500, but then they took over the market for a decade.  If the price comes down and Glass can be made with prescription tri-focals, I'm in.


So what's my point? Other than nursing my own techno-lust, the bigger point of this post is to get you thinking about where you are positioning your online presence. Many of us remember when it was odd, and considered rude to be talking in public places on cell phones, but mobile everything is considered normal now. You need to be thinking today about how in two years you are going to make a connection with a younger, more mobile crowd who may be looking for you, on their wrist or through their glasses.


And by the way - happy Pi day - 3.14 - have a piece of pie to celebrate the universe's most important number.

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