Project Management

From HP / Agilent:
HP/Agilent Split – “Project status was ‘Red’ for three months prior your taking lead of the project team. Now, ten months later, it is 85% complete and ahead of schedule. This accelerated transition plan has resulted in several millions of dollars savings to Agilent’s bottom line.”

Global Team-Building - “Scott provides enthusiastic global team leadership. He goes out of his way to build a dispersed team into a coherent group - especially with Germany and AP (Singapore, India, Japan & China).”

Project Management Office - “You are creative and resourceful. When faced with constraints, you find ways to keep the project moving. You won't accept failure as an option!”

From Wave’s End Clients:
Client Web Site - “You are a God-send for me - it is so thankfully easy and helpful to have your team helping me”

Project Manager – “While this project was ugly right from the start with short notice requirements. Your team jumped right in and got things going. I could not have asked for a better team and I am proud all that you have accomplished. You have also done a great job of managing the budget.”

Business Planning - “You have excellent communications and presentation skills, coupled with a strong business background to help in our financial planning and analysis.”

Whether it is a global infrastructure project, a local software implementation, we have managed dozens of projects to successful completion. Recent projects include Website Development, Government Research, and Infrastructure Renewal.

We can help you get your project back on track, or help you structure your new project for success.


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