Our Partners

We take pride in the partners that we work with to provide services to our clients. We recommend these to you should you need help with your Web project.


Joomla! is a powerful open source Content Management System used on more than 2.5% of websites.  Think of Joomla! as "Lego Blocks for Web Sites" - where we can easily integrate custom designs and functionality.

Joomla enables us to deliver services to clients that weren't practical just a couple of years ago. 


There are several tools that compete in the same space, with WordPress and Drupal being major competitors, but we like Joomla for its flexibility, ease of use and large body of more than 9,000 extensions that help us provide almost whatever a client might want.


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used on more than 15% of all websites.  WordPress is easy to set up and to support.  It  lacks many of the "Lego Block" add-on functions that distinguish Joomla, but there much that can be done to expand WordPress beyond its blogger roots.


We can embed WorPress within a Joomla site, giving you the best of both solutions.


We rent our dedicated servers from Ionos, a major player in the hosting industry.

Built on the same Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) platform that run most sites on the Web, we can provide a wide range of functions to our clients.

Our Ionos servers have been very reliable since we went with them in 2006, and their service has been excellent.

Google Adwords

There are a variety of ways to promote your site, but the most direct and flexible is to use Google Adwords.

PayPal PayPal is secure and convenient - your customers' credit card information is never stored on our servers when PayPal is used. Authorize.net While PayPal is easy to implement and has no monthly charges, for those sites that want more control over how transactions are processed, Authorize.net is the dominant player in the on-line payment market. Authorize.net is also very secure, but it does cost more to implement than PayPal.


There are many spam services out there but relatively few reputable email marketing companies.

iContact is consistently at the top of the list for functionality and feature set. With our Agency account, we can set up customers with their own dedicated folders and do it without charging a monthly fee.


We can easily set up formatted emails that look like your marketing materials, or like your Web Site. We can help you manage your mailing lists, either through your own iContact account, or through one that we manage on your behalf.

Constant Contact Constant Contact runs neck and neck with iContact in features and usability. For those clients that prefer Constant Contact, we are happy to provide email services using Constant Contact.

If you need artwork, we can probably find it at iStockPhoto - they have millions of images to choose from.



We use video streaming through UStream.TV, a leader in the up-and-coming world of live video on the Web.