15 Minutes a Day*

I have a problem getting regular exercise. I have an exercise bike in my bedroom that I like pedaling and it helps me keep the pounds off when I use it regularly. The problem is everything else that gets in the way - it is tough to get the 30-60 minute ride in when there are deadlines and customer needs to be met.

For me that changed in late December when I came home to find a Bowflex Extreme 2 weight training machine in our basement. Our neighbors were moving from Colorado and had not found anyone to buy it from them, did not want to move it to Dallas, and needed to get it out of the basement to improve the attractiveness of their home for a potential buyer. My son Adam and I put the loose pieces back together, and looking through the handy instruction book, I found a three-times-per-week exercise routine that I can complete in 12 minutes.

While finding 30-60 minutes was a barrier to me, I rarely miss my 12 minute Monday/Wednesday/Friday exercise routine, and guess what, I can feel and see the results on my body after only a few months.


You can have measurable success with Social Media investing 15 minutes per day*. The asterisk is because there are a few exceptions - once a week you should spend 30 minutes rather than 15, and once per month you should spend an hour rather than the 30 minutes.

We have found that most of our clients have a Facebook account, but very few spend the modest amount of time it takes to succeed with social sites, focussing on Facebook and one or two other social sites.

It starts with taking a few 15 minute chunks to describe your target audience, your business objectives, and related prep work. Then you develop your target messages as they relate to your audience and your organizational goals, set a small number of specific metrics and targets, and you are on your way.

We can help you work through a few basic steps and set up a daily/weekly/monthly routine that fits your schedule and can produce results that you can measure.

Why 15 minutes? Most people may not be able to take an hour, but 15 minutes is do-able. We like using the Pomodoro Technique to break tasks in to focused chunks of time. Pomodoro uses 25 minute chunks, but it works in 15 minute chunks as well. If you find that you want to do 25 minute chunks and that you are seeing the results, adjust your plan accordingly and go for it.