Photography for Products, Real Estate, Tours

I have been an active photographer since the 1970s when, as a teenager, I set up a darkroom in the basement bathroom and bought my first enlarger. I loved the act of creation, and since my native drawing capabilities were pretty limited, I could tell stories with photos of the people in my life and the places that I traveled to.

I still get the thrill of discovery when I'm using High Dynamic Range techniques to bring the exterior trees into the family room of a home, or if I'm using lighting to bring depth to small, flat products, or "Photoshopping" my client's shots to turn them into something that catches the eye.

We can help you sell your story with images.

Real Estate Photos

I love shooting homes. We strive to deliver photos that help sell the property and highlight the owner's favorite features. We frequently deliver a CD of photos to the owners for their own personal use.

One challenge that realtors face when shooting homes is how to get both the interior and outdoors to look good in the same photo. If you expose for the interior, beautiful exterior scenes are glaringly white. If you expose to get the scene through the window, the interior is almost pitch black.

The human eye is very good at compensating for these "High Dynamic Range" situations, but cameras are not. By shooting multiple images at varying exposure levels and doing some HDR "magic", I can present rooms in their best possible light.

Product Photos

Product photography is a different creature from real estate or portraits. The challenge here is to get the lighting, coloring, and focus just right in order to bring out the three-dimensionality of each product.

Sometimes we are using existing product photos of varying quality. For Acheson Creations, Craig has become pretty proficient at getting basic lighting down using his point-and-shoot camera and an inexpensive light box. He emails them to me and I adjust them for use on his site, and for use on the press releases that we send to several related websites.

We remount Craig's photos onto a blue gradient background, improve the dynamic range of the original image to highlight details, and clean up stray hairs and dust from the original shot. If subtle details are in Craig's original photo, we can bring them out in the finished image.

Stock Photos

Integrated into other materials, readily available stock photography adds graphics to a page or slide while saving both time and money.

As seen in these before and after images, we can obtain professional-grade images which are then used in a variety of projects.