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Our Mission - to deliver custom Web, IT Consulting, Photo, Video, and Training services that are specific to our clients' needs and which enable our clients to exceed their objectives.

We are based out of Monument, Colorado and intend to stay small so that we can know and personally take care of our clients. We partner with other professionals to extend our capabilities to serve our clients, and we often work through our partners to help them serve their customers.

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cover-firex400Since watching the first columns of smoke go up of the Waldo Canyon fire, Roberta has tracked two major forest fire information sources. One of our local TV stations, KKTV, has had continuous coverage since Saturday at 2PM. Following KKTV’s lead, Roberta has also been tracking events on Facebook and Twitter.

 KKTV’s broadcast coverage has included large doses of Facebook and Twitter – feeding in images and breaking stories from the community and sharing news and information through their social network to many who are not in front of a television.

Roberta has had to filter out the Twitter debris from the gold – ignoring the musings about whether our local Sasquatch might finally be driven into a place where conclusive photos could be taken, while staying 5-15 minutes ahead of the on-air coverage about fresh fire outbreaks and evacuations.

 What do we learn from what KKTV is doing and how do we apply it to our own organizations?

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I had been pretty old school when it came to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc, etc. Wave's End launched its Facebook page in 2009, linked from my personal Facebook account. I stubbornly refused to use either of them other than to see what other people were doing. Ditto LinkedIn.

Like many busy people, I didn't have the free time to keep my profiles current and, frankly, I didn't want to publish my life story to the world, not even sharing when my Dad passed on in 2010.

I'm creeping out of my social shell and have belatedly jumped on the Social Media Bandwagon over the past six months. A couple of things have caused me to change my mind.