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Your Customers Will Talk Nice About You If You Let Them (replay)

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Do you know how your customers/clients feel about you? Do they complain or just quit showing up? Or when they are delighted? What do they want to get from you?


Here’s an on-line conversation from the past couple of days:

The Location: The Miniatures Page (http://theminiaturespage.com/news/talk/msg.mv?id=397001545)

The Subject: "Acheson Creations Releases Stryker Fighting Vehicle in 15mm & 28mm"

Darthfozzywig – “Neat to see Acheson branching into new territory.”

Arrigo – “finally!!!!!”

Sumatran Rat Monkey - “Great kit, and I daresay, very nice price, as well! More on the horizon in 28mm, I hope?”

Darby E – “I do believe there will indeed be more vehicles coming from them somewhat soon. If there's anything in particular you might want, I bet it could get moved higher up on the list if people were to contact AC with their preferences…”

Splod89 – “Ooh…1/56? Might just have to grab some of these to convert up some transports for Stargrunt. Especially at that price.”

Gearhead – “Niiiice.”

Littlearmies – “So why not 20mm too? I'd have thought that was still the scale for modern infantry combat wargames. But it looks very nice.”

Grabula – “20mm for sure! Also, modern wargaming is seriously missing out on mrap/matv type vehicles. In afghanistan for example all you'll see besides strykers in some areas is matv and mrap type vehicles.”


Agis N – “Very nice indeed, do you have a European dealer?
 Customs are a bit prohibiting lately…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What awesome feedback – on the quality of the product, on its pricing, stated demand for additional related products, and a request for information on European distributors. How much time and money would you spend on market research for this kind of direct feedback?

Craig Acheson of Acheson Creations, meets his customers in many places including on-line where the conversation above occurred. We recently launched Craig's Facebook Page that generates conversations similar to the one above while still in its infancy. Craig and his partners do not limit themselves to on-line networking, they attend a half-dozen miniatures and tabletop gaming conferences each year which generate a rich trove of new customers and product ideas.

Where Craig mostly meets his global customer base on-line is at two birds-of-a-feather sites – TheMiniaturesPage.com and TableTopGamingNews.com. We post 3 - 5 new product press releases to each of these sites per month.

Within a few hours of posting, interested parties from around the world are reviewing the new product and clicking on our Web store. Many visitors purchase other of Craig’s 800+ custom-molded products. Site traffic and orders spike after every press release. A dozen Strykers flew off the shelves in the first couple of days, and other product sales jumped simultaneously.

You may not have 3 - 5 new products per month to publicize, but you do need to meet your potential customers where they live and play. Start showing your presence on the Facebook/LinkedIn type sites, but also at sites such as TheMiniaturesPage.com where they hang out.

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