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Please Record This Concert (replay)

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We ask that you please turn on your cell phone and other electronic devices. Take as many pictures as you want during during the performance. Sound recording and taking video is encouraged


straightupHow many of you have been to performances where you were admonished to turn off all electronic devices, that recording of any kind was strictly prohibited?

Roberta and Jackie linked up in Omaha for a girls weekend just before Thanksgiving.  As part of the fun, they went to see Straight No Chaser - a ten-man a cappella group that sings covers of pop and Christmas tunes.

Imagine their surprise when the pre-show PA announcer gave the statement above that recording and sharing of their performance is encouraged.  And, they encouraged the audience to share their photos and recordings widely - "it is the cheapest marketing that we do" said the PA announcer.
And, these guys live it on their website.

Over 3,000 fan photos, 700+ fan videos on their official website alone.



Straight No Chaser is not a household name but you may have heard some of their Christmas tunes on the radio over the past several years.  

Hear them at SoundClound.  For fun try the 12 Days of Christmas while reading the rest of this entry.

Original member Randy Stine comments, "We take the music very seriously; we just don't take ourselves too seriously." SNC takes their relationship with their audience seriously and goes out of their way to respond to special requests and respond to Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Using the links found on their site, and which you are encouraged to copy and embed on your own site, here is what is going on with SNC at the moment via live links:


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