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Our Mission - to deliver custom Web, IT Consulting, Photo, Video, and Training services that are specific to our clients' needs and which enable our clients to exceed their objectives.

We are based out of Monument, Colorado and intend to stay small so that we can know and personally take care of our clients. We partner with other professionals to extend our capabilities to serve our clients, and we often work through our partners to help them serve their customers.

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"Teaming" Teamwork on the Fly:

Use "Teaming" to create productive temporary and distributed teams that span organizations and distances.

Harvard professor Amy Edmondson has coined the word "Teaming" to represent temporary teams that come together to achieve a goal, then perhaps, go away.

Traditional team structures and processes assume a stable team that has established ongoing working relationships, shares common culture, and maintains high levels of trust earned over time.  

In both corporate and public organizations, distributed and temporary teams are becoming the norm as technology advances and new work paradigms mean that the team that sits down the aisle or down the hall is no longer how projects get done.  

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Our friends, Steve and Mary, whose home survived just yards away from the burn zone in Mountain Shadows, gave us a tour of the neighborhood Sunday afternoon. As impressive as the ruins of 346 burned homes and thousands of scorched forest acres were, what stood out the most to me were all the homes that were saved.

Homes surrounded by scorched trees and lawns burned to the back door. Individual homes which were lost when the fire leapt across streets, but whose neighbors were saved when the advance of the fire was stopped with just that home.

How do you create a team to respond within hours to fight and ultimately control a devastating force of nature that grows thousands of acres in a single day and which changes on the whim of the winds? How do you save thousands of homes when there is mayhem all around?