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Our friends, Steve and Mary, whose home survived just yards away from the burn zone in Mountain Shadows, gave us a tour of the neighborhood Sunday afternoon. As impressive as the ruins of 346 burned homes and thousands of scorched forest acres were, what stood out the most to me were all the homes that were saved.

Homes surrounded by scorched trees and lawns burned to the back door. Individual homes which were lost when the fire leapt across streets, but whose neighbors were saved when the advance of the fire was stopped with just that home.

How do you create a team to respond within hours to fight and ultimately control a devastating force of nature that grows thousands of acres in a single day and which changes on the whim of the winds? How do you save thousands of homes when there is mayhem all around?


cover-firex400Since watching the first columns of smoke go up of the Waldo Canyon fire, Roberta has tracked two major forest fire information sources. One of our local TV stations, KKTV, has had continuous coverage since Saturday at 2PM. Following KKTV’s lead, Roberta has also been tracking events on Facebook and Twitter.

 KKTV’s broadcast coverage has included large doses of Facebook and Twitter – feeding in images and breaking stories from the community and sharing news and information through their social network to many who are not in front of a television.

Roberta has had to filter out the Twitter debris from the gold – ignoring the musings about whether our local Sasquatch might finally be driven into a place where conclusive photos could be taken, while staying 5-15 minutes ahead of the on-air coverage about fresh fire outbreaks and evacuations.

 What do we learn from what KKTV is doing and how do we apply it to our own organizations?

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