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We are based out of Monument, Colorado and intend to stay small so that we can know and personally take care of our clients. We partner with other professionals to extend our capabilities to serve our clients, and we often work through our partners to help them serve their customers.

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Scott Ross Presenting at WalmartI gave a presentation this week to the Information Systems Division (Corporate IT) of Walmart.  I teach classes in Bentonville every couple of months and was honored to present on "Teaming" (real time remote teams) at their annual week-long Enterprise Archicture forum.

The ~200 people in the audience were seated at 20 rows of tables in a large ballroom and there were remote teams watching on a video feed goiing out the world.

What was a first for me was the number of people with laptops open who were paying at least as much attention to what was on their screens as to what I was saying.  

Was my presentation that boring, that poorly delivered, of so little consequence?


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scott-in-kayak3I love the Olympics! Where else do you get to see whitewater kayaking and team handball – two really good sports to watch that get almost no commercial coverage. In addition to a full schedule of drama and the action, you get to see real emotion – the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

It is an advantage of working out of my home office that I get to watch the day-time coverage, though the eight channels of the NBC/Universal family hold back on showing the headline sports such as gymnastics until prime time. Fortunately Twitter #Olympics gives the play-by-play and there is live video streaming if you want to be really distracted.

What do the Olympics have to do with viral videos and social networking, and what do they have to do with you and your organization? How is it that "lolcat" videos can attract millions of YouTube views while your carefully crafted video/blog/Facebook page can’t get more than a few hundred?


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